Mosaic adds colour to the city [twitter]5/26/2013 3:11:45 PM
´╗┐Mosaic adds colour to the city The City Centre was alive with colour yesterday afternoon despite the dreary wet weather. A midway featuring a ferris wheel, rides, games and carnival treats took over the Civic Centre grounds while the sounds of music, dance and theatrical performances rang loud around City Hall. As the second day of the three-day Telus Mosaic 2009 South Asian Festival got underway Fstival Director Asma Arshad Mahmood said she's thankful that people are braving the weather to immerse themselves in South Asian arts and culture, cuisine and fashion. While yesterday's rain dampened attendance figures, Mahmood is hoping as m any as 50,000 people will attend today. Mahmood said the festival is unique because it brings all forms of arts together and highlights them in various venues. "We wanted to use the facilities that are all around us like the art gallery, City Hall, the Central library, the Civic Square itself, and use it in a practical way to prove to everybody that this place can be developed as a great spot for activities," she said. "This place has a lot of promise and I think that if all the councillors and politicians can work towards that, it would be fantastic." Tom Li and Yukiko Yakushigawa were sold on the idea. The couple passed by last night to get a sneak peek at the festival activities before donning their matching Canadian flag bandanas to attend yesterday's events. "We're interested in the performances, the theatre and the food here," said the first-time festival goers while sampling South Asian foods. "We wanted to know (more) about different countries are and their cultures." Last night the festival featured performances in Sri Lankan, Latin American and Bangla, a fashion show, a pyrotechnics display and dance performances by Mississauga's Sampradaya Dance and other dance groups. It also featured performances by indie bands playing at the Rock The Coliseum, including Mare, DD/MM/YY, The Love and Terror Cult, Lords, Burning Brides, Titan, Barnburner, TONNN and Vilipend. Near the end of the night, fireworks will light the Mississauga skyline.